I'm wife. I'm a mom to 2 kiddos. I'm a freelance marketing consultant. And I'm all about social media.


Our days are busy, fun, crazy, memorable, stressful, relaxing, joyous and every other synonym you can think of to describe a family of 4.  But that is why I love this life, because there is always something new on the horizon and our active two kiddos keeps us on our toes at all times. 

The inspiration for my blog came from the 5 mom text groups, 4 mom Facebook groups, and the many chats that I have on social media with other moms. We all are able to provide some form of support for each other through similar experiences on the mommy journey from mom life, to work life to making our houses a home for our family. The more I talk to other moms, the more I realize, we are all in the similar boats just with a different twist, but we all have the same goals. My hope is that this blog will connect with other parents whether they are working full time, stay at home parent, mompreneurs looking for ideas, tips and tricks on parent life, essential oils and clean products for a healthy home, working on marketing as an entrepreneur and more!


Motherhood is not easy, but the smiles, giggles, snuggles and unconditional love children give makes it all worth it. Grab a cup of coffee, and find an article to read up on that relates to you!