Bioadaptive Skin Care + How It Rehydrated My Skin

Being a mom you naturally want to find easy products that get the job done in seconds + is something you would be cool with using on your own little ones. Granted when you first become a mom, skincare isn't really top priority as you are just in survival mode.

Insert 2020 and life slowed down and opened my eyes to how important it is to care for not just my children, but for myself. If I feel healthy and strong, my confidence will go up and I will be a better mother to my little ones. PLUS taking care of yourself and not letting yourself be run into the ground is so important, because our little ones look up to us (literally, for as long as they are shorter than me.)

Toddlers are like sponges - they absorb everything that is happening around. I see it with my own 3 & 2 year old kids. They notice the smells coming from the kitchen, the way I blend colors when we paint, they as what that sound was outside, and they see me getting ready every morning. My 3 year old daughter loves to do everything I do to get ready from the moment I clean my face, brush my teeth, add moisturizer to my northern dry skin, put on make-up (sometimes). She wants to do it all. And I want her to do it with me. So when I shop for products, I shop with her in mind. What I am ok to use on her delicate young skin, I am ok to use that on mine too.

And that is where my new found love for our face hydration secret sauce comes in --> THIRST FIX!

This stuff has become gold in our house. It not only helps to hydrate everyone in my home dry northern skin. BUT, it has calmed my 3yo Keratosis. And it rehydrates my kids eczema.

I have officially thrown away every other lotion in our home because of our discovery of this product. It's just a jack of all trades when it comes to soothing and hydrating our skin.

It's like a burst of weightless moisture for smoother skin and a healthy glow every time we

apply it to our face or body. I love that it is an oil-free gel that features a blend of bioadaptive botanicals (I had to Google these words when I saw it on their site) that works to help protect against + increase resiliency to environmental irritants.

A little more info on the bioadaptive botanicals: A New York City-based dermatologist Jessie Cheung, MD, shared that bioadaptive formulas harness the p

owner of adaptogens—substances found in certain herbs and botanicals that can potentially help your body resist physical and physiological stress. “Because the botanicals are found in such extreme environments, they have evolved, forming strong reparative and antioxidant defense mechanisms,” she says.

Dr. Cheung also said “Compared to traditional skincare that uses one-size-fits-most antioxidant protection, bioadaptive skincare allows your skin to self-regulate,” Dr. Cheung says.

The specific name for the product is 'Nutricentials Thirst Fix' and ya'll this stuff will give you a refreshing cool feel (I think that is why it helps my daughters Keratosis) and recharges the skin while its giving you fast, super lightweight hydration perfect for our very thirsty skin.

I'll note that when it's not winter in the north, my skin falls into the normal type and Thirst Fix gives me the right amount of hydration, without adding oils and like I said it helps with the rest of my family's natural dry skin year round.

With all that being said, Nuskin Bioadpative skin care has definitely earned a permanent spot in my skincare products, as well as my little family of 4. As a mom who wants to protect and heal my families skin with a good product, I can rest assured that this product will do just that so its ready for whatever the environment (or life) throws at it.

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