FREEBIE: Increase Social Media Engagement With P.E.A.R.L.S.

Growing your social media page can be hard, getting people to engage can be just as hard. Believe me, I know.

From my days of managing corporate, mom & pop shops, restaurants, doctors + lawyers and even my own business social pages - getting people to engage is not easy! I have spent countless hours Googling, clicking through marketers blogs and talking to colleagues on this topic and we all seem to have the same struggle.

But I am here to say there is a way to help you track and grow that engagement. It's not an overnight magical tool - it will take you some time, but if you keep up with it, you can for sure grow.

Freebie: PEARLS --> Post, Engage, Add, Reach Out, Live, Stay connected

The PEARLS method is a great and easy way to grow, Grow, GRow, GROw, GROW!

P = 80% of your Post (3 out of every 5 posts) are NON business/product related, the other 20% are specifically a product or about the business side (80/20 Rule)

E = The best place for effective Engagement are with Stories, Messenger, Commenting on Posts. Engage 15 - 50 times a day.

A = Add (follow) 15 - 50 people new per DAY – Remember that Quality is greater than Quantity! New people in your network is SO IMPORTANT – you need new eyes seeing your posts constantly.

R = Working to grow your Reach can be hard. But keeping up with the way you share content will help you get there. Focus on Retail Sale post 1-2 per DAY. Referral style posts 2-4 per WEEK. Recruit sign ups or membership 1-2 per WEEK.

L = Make yourself and your business real by going 'Live' on your social media platforms. You can go Live these days on just about all platforms. Use that tool to your advantage to share insight into your business, new deals, and your story. Try to go live 1-5x per week.

S = Stay connected with your audience and provide trainings and new ways for others to want to engage.

Download the PEARLS tracker start start growing today!

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