My Secret to Smiling with Confidence

Your smile is the most natural accessory you own, so why would you not want to take care of it?

For me this realization came back in college when I really wanted to get braces, but I just couldn't afford them. So the next best thing was to make sure my teeth are pearly white. I tried a few different whitening strip kits, and spent I don't know how much money on them.

Well, a side affect I didn't know could happen from using it was sensitive teeth. When I went to my dentist back then he told me that whitening kits include peroxide and some people can be sensitive to that, i.e. ME!..... After that Aha piece of information I stopped using the kits and gave up on trying to get those celebrity pearly whites.

I felt defeated because I didn't I just wanted to whiten my smile, I didn't think that was asking much. I tried searching for other products, but didn't find what I was looking for. Or if I did, the reviews were not great... So back to using just the Crest Whitening Toothpaste that was loaded with so much junk.

Fast forward 2 years, and I noticed my friend Kristen shared her results from her new fav. toothpaste in a social post. Her smile changed in just a few weeks, she had that pearly white that I wanted too.

I had a feeling she was either going to the dentist to get those pearls to that color or she was using a kit. But I still reached out because I was curious. Well, come to find out she wasn't using strips or professional whitening - it was her TOOTHPASTE!

In that moment I got all excited and said to her "There's no way you are just using toothpaste." But she sure was! At first I was hesitant to try this awesome toothpaste as I was just pregnant with my first child and I was screening every product I put in my body. So I told her about my hesitation.

Well ya'll, I don't know why I would even say I was hesitant to her, because she was pregnant with her first child as well. And I know she was just like me in being cautious about what products she uses. She said she looked into it, the product is dentist approved and a bonus it doesn't include peroxide! Hello, this product is what I have been looking for.

I went ahead and order some and no joke, it was just 2 days of use 2x per day and I was seeing a change and on top of that my teeth were not sensitive.

I was SOLD!

Fast forward again 12 months (maybe longer) and I had an infant in my arms and totally forgot about my magic toothpaste as I got caught in new mom life + going back to work full time.

Time passed and we got back into buying or old toothpaste because of convenience.

Then I found out I was expecting my second child and I got on the train of the hippy insanely clean all natural ingredient toothpaste. I wanted to love it so much, but with the yuck taste, the not so fresh breathe it left me and the no pearly white teeth I was starting to steer away from it. When I was starting to run out of my hippy natural toothpaste my friend Kristen reached back out and said she was doing a bulk order of that magic toothpaste I use to love and asked if I wanted some. I wanted to say yes, but I am also a procrastinator when it comes to buying things online and I missed the window to order some with her.

Well the next day (no joke, it really was the next day) I had my regular teeth cleaning dentist appointment. I mentioned the toothpaste and she said she has patients that use it and she said its a good product.

OK, I took this as a sign. If Kristen mentioned it to me and then the next day I brought it up to the doctor it had to be a sign for me to get it.

What did I do? I called Kristen and said I need this! She said she had a few tubes and sent it my way! (Insert happy dance.)

I got it a few days later and ya'll just like the first time I used it 3 years ago, I saw a change in 2 days!! Then a week later I noticed my husband tossed his Colgate toothpaste. I asked him if he was out and he said "No, I just saw your toothpaste on the counter and remembered how well it worked." (Insert another happy dance.)

Ok, so with that LONGGGGG story of why I love this stuff I feel like I need to quickly summarize why its become my favorite:

  1. No Bleach/ harsh chemicals (why would I want this in my mouth? Love this.)

  2. Not damaging to enamel (no one wants to wear down that enamel)

  3. Great at cleaning off those coffee/ red wine stains! (I don't want proof on my smile of my drink consumption)

  4. Safe during pregnancy (safe for mama + safe for baby, yes please!)

  5. Safe for kids (𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚎 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚒𝚝)

  6. Prevents plaque (this is so important, gotta kick that plaque to the curb)

  7. Way cheaper than whitening strips & treatments (I'm a momma who loves ways to save + get what I want)

  8. Polishes caps & veneers too (this is a good plus)

  9. Results within days (I shared my 2x results, it's legit)

  10. Really good for sensitive teeth (OMG no more sensitive teeth when I drink a cold drink)

  11. Stops bleeding gums (pregnancy + breastfeeding increases blood flow and you have a higher chance at having bleeding gums, this stuff stopped it for me!)

  12. Non abrasive and no peroxides⠀ (love this one since my dentist told me that peroxide makes my teeth sensitive)

  13. Approved by the FDA (a stamp from the FDA, yes please!)

With all that being said, this stuff is legit. My teeth feel clean, fresh, and strong. Oh, and I forgot to mention the nice vanilla mint flavor, it's refreshing not like other whitening toothpaste. And the best part is, my teeth are now whiter without the use of any harmful peroxides (not to mention my teeth aren't sensitive anymore!).

Smiling in confidence thanks to Nu Skin; let me hook you up with this simple product that can brighten your smile. If you have seen the success of this product leave a message in the post below, I love hearing others stories. If you are ready to try it out, check it out here!

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