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"If you lock up your cleaning products to keep your kids safe, why are you dispersing them throughout your home?"
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I saw this quote on an Instagram post back in October 2019. It was then that I persuaded my husband ditch those harsh, chemical and fragrance filled cleaning products for our home.

We didn't just toss them because of that quote I saw, but because my second child was around 6 months old and he caught a cold literally every month (no exaggeration) of his life. We also had a very active 2 year old at the time who loves to get into anything she put her hands on. So that is when I started reading into the current products we used. I couldn’t believe all the stuff that goes into a cleaning product that I trusted would clean my home and keep my family safe.

Think about it, your cleaning products get the greatest amount of use on the high traffic areas of your home. Areas we place our food on, our butts, and bathe in. What we clean our home with truly matters.

So that is where Thieves came in to save the day, or should I say ”save our family”?

If you’re still using conventional cleaners - download the Think Dirty app on your phone and look up your 'cleaners'. Take a look at the health conditions linked to the ingredients in the cleaners in your home. Skin conditions, respiratory problems, endocrine disruptors cancer and fertility issues. ITS SCARY! Do I really want to use things like this around my babies that can affect their health not just in the now, but even down the road? Also, on the ingredient topic, it's not surprising, if something has a skull and cross bones on the label there is a real good chance it’s not your best option, just saying!

But think about it, what you spray throughout your home, can ultimately have a huge impact on you and your family’s health. And maybe that is what was affecting all of the skin issues my daughter had since she was a newborn and all of the immune struggles my son has had in his first year. Switching my cleaners was the easiest ditch, it took no effort after I started looking at the products, not just the front of the labels, but the back too (where the stuff really matters.) I have one bottle that does every single surface of my home. It’s 100% plant based, it truly works, it smells amazing and it’s so clean I could drink it and not be harmed.

The next time you go to clean, read the label! Check out what you are regularly spraying throughout your home.

More and more people are learning to be more conscious of their health and well being but don’t see the cleaners that they are using every day. Its never too early (or too late) to start caring about these things and it can have a huge impact in your home and within the health of you and your family.

So if you are convinced it's time to ditch and switch, let me dive a little more into the actual product that I love to use - Thieves.

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The plus sides of Thieves and why it's my go-to cleaner:

  • Ultra-concentrated - this means that the small bottle that it comes in can make so many cleaners. I have had mine since October 2019 and 13 months later I still have 1/2 bottle left.

  • It's the perfect cleaning solution for virtually every surface in your home, including carpets, floors, counters, glass, walls, kids toys, microwave, sink, stove and more!

  • Effective is the best word I can think of, as you can deep clean without the harsh or dangerous chemicals found in many traditional cleaning products from the grocery.

  • Formulated with plant-based ingredients - ya'll this is a favorite part of this product. Knowing the clean ingredients within it helps me clean with peace of mind that it won't harm my family and it will clean my home.

  • No harsh chemical smell - this is another winning point. Who truly likes walking into a home and smelling like you just walked into a chemical factory? (EW!) The smell is so fresh and like you just baked something delicious.

  • Non-abrasive solution that rinses clean and leaves no residue - I know some people are hesitant on the 'natural' cleaning products, because of this point. But I am hear to tell you this point is true and I just love that!

  • Safe for septic systems - not something you think about when you use your cleaning products, but in truth some cleaners are not good for the pipes (just like they are not good for you). But Thieves is a winner for the pipes in your home.

With all of those great points shared on the goodness of this product, I will say that I was truly nervous about kicking my old products to the curb as I was afraid this natural product may not live up to my cleaning expectations. BUT, I am happy to report, after 13 months of use I can promise you that this stuff works. My home and everything in it, is so fresh and clean with no harsh chemicals. How awesome is that?

So now I have a question for you:

  • Do you have a product you love at home?

  • Are you wondering if it is exposing your family to chemicals?

Go to the Environmental Working Group's Guide to Healthy Cleaning and input the products name that you currently use and find out exactly what chemicals are inside and how they can affect the health of your family.

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